Introduction to Shiitake Mushrooms | Lentinus edodes | What Is Shiitake Mushroom?

Introduction to Shiitake Mushrooms | Lentinus edodes | What Is Shiitake Mushroom?

Lentinus edodes

  • This fungus is indigenous to Japan, China and other Asian countries with temperate climates. It is to be found in the wild on fallen deciduous trees especially chestnut, beech, oak, shia, alder etc. 
  • However, it has been grown artificially for centuries on cut logs which can support seasonal fruiting. In more recent times, mass cultivation has predominantly been achieved by the sawdust culture technology.

  • This mushroom has been renowned in Japan and China for thousands of years both as a food and as a medicine. 
  • It has a most exotic and delicious taste and is a central part of many Oriental dishes and is increasingly being adopted in the West. There is little difference in flavour or mouth feel between mushrooms cultured on logs and those found in the wild on tree stumps or dead trees. 
  • However, sawdust cultured mushrooms now being marketed worldwide are considered to be soft in texture and less flavoursome. 
  • It is undoubtedly the leading mushroom worldwide that can be used both as a nutritious and tasty food and a highly effective medicine.
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