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Introduction to Tremella mesenterica and T. fuciformis

This fungus is commonly known as the “white auricularia” or “white jelly fungus”, and in Japan, Shirokikurage, with a jelly-like, translucent fruiting body that usually grows on deciduous trees in warm climates worldwide. 

It can now be grown artificially and is being increasingly consumed in Asia. 

Introduction to Tremella mesenterica and T. fuciformis

It has a long historical use in traditional Chinese medicine as an immune tonic and for treating debility and exhaustion together with many other ailments including skincare. 

It contains acidic polysaccharides, especially glucuronoxylomannan, readily extracted with hot water giving a smooth and stable solution used in Oriental cuisine. 

The polysaccharides of this fungus show anti-cancer activity and can enhance immune functions. 

Clinical trials have shown it to be effective in treating radio- and chemo-therapy-induced leukopenia, boosting immunological functions, and stimulating leukocyte activity. 

Dietary supplements from Tremella are only now beginning to expand into the Asian market, and they will certainly be of special significance in the cosmetic industry.

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