Lion's Mane Mushroom Properties | Properties Of Lions Mane Mushroom | Lions Mane Benefits

Lion's Mane Mushroom Properties | Properties Of Lions Mane Mushroom | Lions Mane Benefits

Lion's Mane Mushroom Properties 

  • Lion's Mane mushroom is rich in physiologically active compounds, especially beta-glucan polysaccharides, which are responsible for anticancer, immuno-modulating, hypolipidemic (antidiabetic), antioxidant, and neuroprotective activities. 
  • H. erinaceus also reported to have antimicrobial, antihypertensive, and wound-healing properties.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells and protect them from damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. However, more human research is needed.
  • Studies suggest that lion’s mane mushrooms may help relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, but more human research is needed to better understand the correlation.
  • Rat studies have found that lion’s mane extract can speed up recovery time from nervous system injuries, but human research is lacking.
  • Lion’s mane extract has been shown to protect against stomach and intestinal ulcers in rodents, but human research has been conflicting.
  • Animal and test-tube studies suggest that lion’s mane extract can reduce the risk of heart disease in several ways, but human studies are needed to confirm these findings.
  • Lion’s mane mushroom can help lower blood sugar and reduce diabetic nerve pain in mice, but more studies are needed to determine whether it might be a good therapeutic option in humans.
  • Animal and test-tube studies show that lion’s mane extract can kill cancer cells and slow the spread of tumors, but human studies are still needed.
  • Lion’s mane mushroom contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce the impact of chronic illness.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms have been shown to have immune-boosting effects in rodents, but much more research is needed.

Lions Mane Mushroom Properties
Lions Mane Mushroom 

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