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Maitake is a delicious culinary mushroom but is also valued for its medicinal properties. 

Traditionally, maitake was used in Japan as a tonic to boost the immune system and increase vitality, and the mushroom was purported to prevent cancer and high blood pressure. 


• Name: Latin name, Grifola frondosa: Grifola is the name of a fungus found in Italy; frondosa means “leaflike.” Maitake means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese; also known as “Hen of the Woods” and “Sheep’s Head.” 

• Description: Grows in clusters; the caps, which are typically 4–5 inches across, overlap to form a sort of clump. A typical maitake cluster is the size of a volleyball. 

• Habitat: Maitake grows at the base of oak trees, beeches, and other dead or dying hardwoods. Favors temperate northern forests; indigenous to northeast Japan, Europe, Asia, and the eastern side of the North American continent. 

• Active ingredients: Beta-glucans, fractions D and MD; Grifon-D. 

Uses: Helps control diabetes; helps lose weight; lowers HDL (“bad”) cholesterol; anti-HIV; helps control high blood pressure; anti-prostate and bladder cancer; protects the liver; immunomodulator.

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