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Mycotherapy | Using mushrooms to become healthy | Mushrooms for health | Biobritte mushrooms


Safe products 

The mushrooms used in myotherapy are not those that grow wild in the woods; they are cultivated on special farms, respecting strict quality and safety standards. This guarantees 100% purity and the total absence of pesticides, heavy metals, and pathogenic germs. However, it is important to buy from companies that sell quality certified mushrooms and which guarantee that the remedies are grown in healthy environments, as if they were organic food products, and therefore without chemical additives, pesticides, and heavy metals. 


They are not harmful 

Mushrooms have a bad reputation: that of being toxic and of damaging the liver. Actually, exactly the opposite is true: they give excellent results in the treatment of all liver diseases, including hepatitis. There are no toxins in medicinal mushrooms: we now know the hundreds of substances contained in these remedies and they are all beneficial or neutral (or inert). The only toxic substance is agaritine, in Agaricus brasiliensis: however, it is present in a minute amount and is very volatile, so it evaporates during drying or cooking processes and is absent in supplements. Some people are afraid of using these remedies because they fear some kind of risk. I can assure you it is much more harmful to eat animal foods or preserved foods: mushrooms are completely healthy foods. They do not even cause allergies: in ten years I have never seen anyone allergic to mushrooms. Many of those who consider themselves to be allergic to mushrooms really did not digest them on one occasion, and reactions such as nausea or vomiting were due to indigestion. 

No contraindications 

The use of mushrooms has no outright contraindications. Moreover, these are real foods present naturally in the diet. Some believe that Auricularia is to be avoided in case of pregnancy and is not compatible in people who have to take anticoagulants (it has the same effect as these drugs). Instead, in my studies and in my medical experience, I have found it to be perfectly compatible. Moreover, healing mushrooms, unlike conventional medicines, have no side effects because they act by respecting the body’s physiology. 

Tablets are best 

Medicinal mushrooms are available in tablets, capsules, or powder form. The ideal supplement form is tablets: in fact, this form protects the active ingredients better, so that they arrive intact in the stomach, and it contains greater amounts (an average of 500 mg of active ingredients and 500 mg of excipients required for preparation). Capsules can be made from powder or concentrated powder, also called concentrated and titrated dry extract. The term titrated means that a substance has a standardized concentration. Usually, it is the most important substance. In the case of mushrooms, the standardized substance is represented by beta-glucans, which are present in a high percentage (20 or 30%). There are also enriched products on the market, such as coffee or tea with Ganoderma. Whilst they are undoubtedly healthy drinks, they contain a very low quantity of mushrooms, so they cannot be considered as alternatives to tablets, capsules, and powder. 

Read the labels 

Before buying myotherapy products, you should check the labels carefully. They must indicate the number of mushrooms and other ingredients clearly. In fact, studies have demonstrated that at least two grams, excluding excipients, of a single remedy, must be taken per day in order for it to work. 

The role of vitamin C 

Generally, we always advise associating myotherapy supplements with vitamin C. This substance, in fact, fractures the long molecules contained in mushrooms and increases absorption in the intestine, accelerating and accentuating their action. Vitamin C, moreover, promotes the synthesis of connective tissue and has an antioxidant effect which, consequently, amplifies the beneficial effects of mushrooms. 

How to take them 

You can take the mushrooms when you prefer: in my years of experience I have found that the effects are similar regardless of when they are taken. I recommend you take them all together (often a combination of mushrooms is indicated) because they are highly digestible. They can be taken on an empty stomach or on a full stomach: it makes no difference. Rarely, when taking mushrooms, problems can arise, such as an upset stomach or intestine. If this happens, however, it depends on the fact that the digestive system is not in perfect health and is not an indication that mushrooms are "heavy" to digest. In this case, it is useful to take the remedies after meals, preferably after plain food such as boiled rice and boiled vegetables, avoiding cheese, meat, or fish.

Source: Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms. A practical handbook, Dr. Walter Ardigo

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