Reishi mushroom cultivation training | Mushroom farming training | Biobritte mushrooms

Reishi mushroom cultivation training 

Biobritte has been growing Oyster mushrooms and other types of mushrooms from agricultural waste like wheat straw/paddy straw since 2018 and is still hugely inspired by the scale of the opportunity. 

Reishi mushroom cultivation training

Biobritte also knows that they want to spread the idea further, so they have created the Mushroom Farm to test and to help others with their ideas.

Biobritte's Ethos:-

Biobritt Mushroom is part of the growing movement of Social Enterprise, where the focus is on business as a positive force for social or environmental good, rather than for profit.

Biobritte provide the following services:-

  • Oyster mushroom cultivation training.
  • Selling ready mushroom kit
  • Selling mushroom spawn of Oyster, Button, and other mushrooms.
  • All mushroom products and services

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Mushroom consultants in India.

Top mushroom company.

For more info -

Contact on a phone or WhatsApp 9923806933 or 7709709816.

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited.

MycoNutra® Mushroom product distributorship.

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