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Trametes Versicolor

Trametes Versicolor has the distinction of being the mushroom from which one of the world’s leading anticancer drugs, Krestin, is derived. 

• Name: In Latin, Trametes means “one who is thin” and Versicolor means “variously colored.” Other names include “cloud mushroom,” “beside-the-river mushroom,” and “Turkey Tail.” In Chinese, it is known as Yun Zhi. 

Trametes Versicolor

Description: It is striped with dark-to-light brown bands that alternate with bands of orange, blue, white, and tan. 

• Habitat: Found in temperate forests throughout the world and in all of the United States. It prefers to grow on dead logs and has been known to feed on most kinds of trees. 

• Active ingredients: Polysaccharide-K (1-3 beta-glucan); polysaccharide peptide. 

• Uses: Immunostimulant; anti-cancer (lung, stomach, esophagus); lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol; antiviral (HIV, cytomegalovirus); controls septic shock.

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