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Where to sell cordyceps militaris in India

The craze for wild cordyceps has allowed prices to balloon with a kilogram in the US being sold at retail prices of $50,000! That is around $22,000 per pound! 

Now you might understand what this craze for cultivation is about. 

Where to sell cordyceps militaris in India

Amazingly, though, cordyceps militaris grown in China is sold for $16/lb in the US.

Cordyceps Militaris Buyers & Importers in India

  • Cordyceps Militaris. India.
  • NOARF. NOARF is APEDA Registered Exporter of Cordyceps Militaris, Dried Mushroom, and Moringa Leaf Powder. 
  • Keeda Jadi Online. 
  • Arnima Cordyceps. 
  • Suraksha Bio Medicals.

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