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Cordyceps Increases Energy And Gives Vitality | Cordyceps And Energy | Cordyceps Energy Support

Cordyceps Increases Energy And Gives Vitality | Cordyceps And Energy | Cordyceps Energy Support

Cordyceps Increases Energy And Gives Vitality

  • Cordyceps is a functional mushroom that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries for vitality and relief from fatigue. 
  • It gained wider recognition in 1993 when Chinese female runners broke several distance records and their coach attributed their success to the ingestion of cordyceps. 
  • It was suggested that the antioxidant effects of the fungus improved the athletes’ exercise capacity.

  • As a nutritious, functional food, cordyceps contains: 

Essential amino acids (building blocks of protein)

Vitamins B1, B2, B12, and K

Carbohydrates such as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides 





  • Its many bioactive compounds have been the subject of scientific research in vitro (cells in culture medium), in animals, and in vivo (in human subjects). The results of these studies suggest cordyceps supports the following:

Physical Energy

  • Cordyceps may help to replenish energy at the cellular level. In animal research with mice, researchers found that a cordyceps extract enhanced exercise performance by upregulating the ATP regeneration pathway. ATP is the primary energy-carrying molecule in our cells.

  • Research with older adults supplemented with cordyceps for 12 weeks revealed significant improvement in ventilatory and metabolic thresholds. 
  • This suggests that cordyceps may support exercise performance and contribute to overall health and wellness as we age.

Oxygen Uptake

  • In young adults, time-to-exhaustion (endurance) was extended after one week of cordyceps supplementation. Maximum oxygen consumption improved and the ventilatory threshold increased after three weeks of supplementation.
  • These parameters indicate that cordyceps promoted an increased tolerance to high-intensity exercise.

  • The body works harder to extract oxygen from the air at high altitudes. In vitro studies with human lung cells demonstrate the potential for cordyceps to provide benefits in conditions of low oxygen.


  • Cordyceps supports increased exercise endurance.In animal research with mice, an extract of cordyceps extended the swimming endurance time of mice, inhibited the production of lactic acid, and increased the storage of liver and muscle glycogen. These factors help reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.

  • In human studies, cordyceps use for two weeks resulted in increased time to exhaustion, increased ventilatory threshold, and improved maximum oxygen capacity in long-distance runners. This research indicates that cordyceps use may improve tolerance to fatigue and increase endurance in athletes.

Post-workout Recovery

  • After energy is expended during exercise, it is necessary for your body to recover. Cordyceps can also support your post-workout recovery. 
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties may help to promote healing, especially with regular use.

  • In animal studies with mice, cordyceps supplementation had a greater impact than cereal alone on exercise endurance and accelerated recovery from fatigue. 
  • The supplemented mice showed increased elimination of lactic acid from their cells and stronger metabolic parameters after exercise. This research highlights the potential of cordyceps as a fatigue-fighting functional food.

Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits
Cordyceps Mushroom

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