Cordyceps - Liver And Pancreas Benefits | Cordyceps And Liver Benefits | Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits

Cordyceps - Liver And Pancreas Benefits | Cordyceps And Liver Benefits | Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits

Cordyceps - Liver And Pancreas Benefits

  • The liver is the largest organ of the body and also one of the most important. It is the living filter of the human body, cleaning the blood and all other fluids of impurities. 
  • It is also responsible for maintaining a proper glucose blood levels, storing iron, vitamins and other essential chemicals, breaking down food and turning it into energy and making enzymes and proteins that are responsible for most chemical reactions in the body, for example, those involved in blood clotting and repair of damaged tissues. There is no way to survive, much less feel healthy, without a functioning liver.

  • A considerable amount of research has been done in the area of Cordyceps and liver function.

  • A clinical study involving 33 patients with hepatitis B taking Cordyceps supplement showed 71.9% improvement on the thymol turbidity test and 78.6% improvement in the SGPT test – both are enzyme tests measuring liver function. 
  • Another study involving 22 patients with post-hepatic cirrhosis showed dramatic improvement in liver function tests after 3 months of consuming 6–9g per of Cordyceps per day. (Liu, C. et al. Treatment of 22 patients with post hepatic cirrhosis with a preparation of fermented mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis.

  • In 1994, a study in China involving 70 patients with chronic hepatitis B treated with Cordyceps or with another proven herbal medicine (with the main ingredient Ganoderma applanatum –a type of reishi) showed that Cordyceps treatment caused significantly higher clinical response than alternative treatment (68% Cordyceps patients and 57% Ganoderma applanatum patients).
Cordyceps - Liver And Pancreas Benefits
Cordyceps Tea

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