Mushroom Polysaccharides - Essential Nutrients For Our Immune System? | Mushroom Polysaccharides And Immune System

Mushroom Polysaccharides - Essential Nutrients For Our Immune System? | Mushroom Polysaccharides And Immune System 

Mushroom Polysaccharides - Essential Nutrients For Our Immune System?

Polysaccharides are not the sole category of therapeutically active compound present in mushrooms but they are the most widespread and, in many but not all mushrooms, the most important with a profound impact on the immune system mediated by a number of fungal polysaccharide-specific receptors on the surface of several classes of immune cell, including: 

  • Dectin-1 - expressed on macrophages, monocytes, neutrophils and dendritic cells 
  • CR3 - expressed on neutrophils and NK Cells 
  • TLR - expressed on macrophages, monocytes and dendritic cells 
  • SIGNR1 - expressed on macrophages and dendritic cells 
  • LacCer - expressed on neutrophils Scavenger - expressed on neutrophils
Mushroom Polysaccharides
Reishi Mushroom

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