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Buy Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit.

Want a fun, easy to grow fresh mushrooms that are safe to eat? Check out our store for shiitake mushroom growing kit. 

A mushroom growing kit offers an enjoyable, uncomplicated, and affordable way to grow Shiitake Mushroom in low light and with little hassle.

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This kit contains

Mushroom spawn, sawdust substrate, Bag, Rubber bands, Cultivation Guide print. 

How to use the mushroom kit?

1. Once you receive the kit remove mushroom seeds from it and keep them at 2-8 degrees Celcius.

2. Sterilize the straw using the steaming method as protocols provided in the guide.

3. After sterilization add mushroom seeds and pack the bags.

4. Incubate these bags for 30 days in a cool place.

5. Once the mushroom bag becomes fully whitish you can spray water.

6. You would receive the first harvest of mushrooms in 45-60 days. 

7. Detailed procedure will be available in prints.

Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit

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