Cultivation Process Of Mushroom | Process Of Cultivation Of Mushroom | Steps Included In Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivation Process Of Mushroom | Process Of Cultivation Of Mushroom | Steps Included In Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivation Cultivation of mushroom incudes compost preparation, spawning, casing, harvesting: 

1. Compost preparation:  The compost used for mushroom cultivation comprises of wheat/rice straw, poultry manure, horse manure, rice bran, gypsum etc.  

The chopped wheat straw or rice bran is mixed with poultry manure or horse dung, sprinkle with water and piled in a heap for fermentation.  Frequent watering and turning is done at a specified interval to avoid drying of compost.  

Gypsum is sometimes used to reduce greasiness of the compost.  15-20 days compost is most preferably used as bed.  It is then sprayed onto wooden tray and sowed with spawn. 

2. Spawning:  Spawn is the mycelium which is carefully propagated and spawning is the process of mixing the spawn with the compost.  

Then the mixture is covered with newspaper and watered sufficiently to maintain the moisture.  

Throughout the cultivation process humidity and temperature is maintained at optimum.  Gradually it grows into white cottony mycelium growth. 

3. Casing:  Casing is a kind of topdressing to the spawn mixed compost.  Sterilized soil or a mixture of peat moss with ground limestone is used for casing.  

Casing acts as a water reservoir and a medium where rhizomorph can be form.  Mushroom heads or pins start to appear on the rhizomorph after 15-20 days after application.  There will be no mushroom without rhizomorph.  

4. Harvesting:  Harvesting of mushroom can be done using hand or the head of the mushroom are chopped off using knife.  Then mushrooms are undergoing some processing for marketing.

Cultivation Process Of Mushroom

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