Can Cordyceps Help With Cancer? | cordyceps militaris mushroom benefits

Cordyceps mushrooms are some of the healthiest mushrooms one can add to their diet. They have well-documented health benefits, including anti-inflammatory activities, immunity-boosting effects, and anti-cancer properties. While you should not use it on its own as a cure for cancer, adding cordyceps to your diet can help you face cancer head-on. 

Cordycepin, a naturally-occurring nucleoside found in the cordyceps fungus has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to treat cancer, as well as chronic and inflammatory diseases.

The recent scientific rediscovery of natural medicines has led to a boom in cordyceps cancer research. Even the University of Oxford teamed up with a biopharmaceutical company in hopes of creating a cordyceps-based chemotherapy drug using ProTide technology.

According to clinical studies, cordyceps may have anti-cancer and anti-metastatic properties. The mushroom can also help your body recover from the stress of chemotherapy and cancer medication. Here's an evidence-based breakdown of how cordyceps mushrooms may combat 12 types of cancer.

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