PPT on Mushroom Cultivation | 6 Easy Steps for Mushroom Cultivation | Mushroom Cultivation Training

PPT on Mushroom Cultivation | 6 Easy Steps for Mushroom Cultivation | Mushroom Cultivation Training 

A Complete Guide to Profitable Mushroom Farming in India

  • Mushroom production has tremendous scope. Mushroom has excellent medicinal properties. It is rich in protein, fiber, and amino acids. 
  • Mushroom cultivation is a novel component of agriculture that can be easily integrated into the farming system, which enhances income.
  • Mushroom farming consists of six steps, and although the divisions are somewhat arbitrary, these steps identify what is needed to form a production system. 

Mushroom Cultivation: 

1. Phase I Composting 

2. Phase II Composting 

3. Spawning 

4. Casing

 5. Pinning 

6. Harvesting

PPT on Mushroom Cultivation

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