Reishi Mushroom Training | Ganoderma Mushroom Training

Reishi Mushroom Training | Ganoderma Mushroom Training

Now learn Reishi or Ganoderma Mushroom cultivation with Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur.

 Attend our Three day practical workshop on Reishi / Ganoderma mushroom learning.  

Content of Training:
  • Introduction to Reishi mushrooms
  • Health benefits of Reishi mushrooms
  • Economic importance of Reishi mushrooms
  • Opportunities in Reishi Mushrooms cultivation
  • How to start cultivation
  • Substrate and substrate preparation
  • Required growing house facilities
  • Low cost mushroom growing
  • Reishi mushroom products
  • Marketing strategy
  • Visit to mushroom farm

  • Certificates and Mushroom Kit will be provided at the end of Training. 
  • Fees per person: 6000 INR/Person (3 days training)

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