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Mushrooms are fungi, which may sound gross but which cooks know are inspiring—inspiring for their unique earthy flavors and unmatched toothsome textures. While the mushrooms below are all singular in their look and taste, they are all mushrooms, which means they have a few things in common.
First and foremost, always look for bright, unblemished mushrooms and store them in paper bags (no plastic! they'll get mushy!). Use within a few days of buying. For longer storage, consider drying them. 
Easy Method for How to Cook Mushrooms - Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts
Second, all mushrooms will soak up all the water they come into contact with, so keep them dry. Cultivated mushrooms can be brushed clean with a mushroom brush or dry paper towel. For mushrooms that need a bit more of a clean, a quick swish or rinse in water and immediately laying them out on a clean kitchen towel or layers of paper towels is the way to go. Never wash mushrooms ahead of time—clean them right before using them.  
There are as many ways to cook mushrooms as there are days of the decade. Once you've had them sautéed, grilled, and fried, consider using them to flavor risotto or to top a different kind of pizza.

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