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Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Many people think shiitakes are wild. 
  • While they do grow in the wild, shiitakes sold at stores are farmed. 
  • This is because cultivating them has proven so successful, as they're very popular.
  •  Fresh shiitakes come in a range of sizes. 

  • Bigger ones have a deeper flavor but also a tougher texture (isn't everything in life a bit of a trade-off?). Shiitakes stems tend to be tough and are best removed before cooking. 
  • They make delicious mushroom stock, however, so save them in your freezer until you have a few cups' worth.
  • Shiitakes can stand up to strong flavors and are particularly good with ginger, soy, and even chiles. 
  • Make them the star in this rice noodle dish. Or, try them with something just a bit sweet such as mushroom-stuffed squash.



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