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Common Ways to store your mushrooms.

The following are some common ways to store mushrooms:-
  • Storing

The most common way to store mushrooms is to freeze or dry them.

Pickling and preserving in jars were methods used before freezers were


  • Freezing

Mushrooms can be frozen fresh but take up a lot of space. Clean the

mushrooms and then either leave them whole or divide them into pieces.

Place into bags or containers and freeze, marking them with the date and


  • Drying

Dried mushrooms are very useful, and Boletales are especially suited to

this, as drying removes their sliminess—the Velvet Bolete in particular

tastes a lot nicer dried than fresh. Remember that dried mushrooms often

have a stronger taste than fresh mushrooms do, so it’s better to use too little

then too much when cooking with them.

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