How to use dried mushrooms? | Biobirtte mushrooms | Edible & Medicinal mushrooms

Dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms should be placed in cold, lukewarm, or hot water. 

The thinner the pieces, the quicker it goes—just test the mushroom to see if it is


Remove the water and keep it to use when preparing the dish.

Dried Black Trumpet has a strong taste, so don’t use it too much. 

In this case, remove the water, as it will turn black and give the dish a dirty gray


Fry the soaked mushrooms in fat and add a little of the liquid if it looks too dry.

You can also crumble dried mushrooms straight into soups, sauces, or


Don’t forget it needs to cook for at least 10 minutes.

Dried mushrooms can be ground into mushroom flour, which can then be

used to flavor dishes.

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