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Wood ear mushrooms:  To protect the mind, heart, intestines, and joints

Its abundant adenosine content makes Auricularia particularly useful in diseases

of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, both as prevention or to reduce

existing symptoms. 

It is an excellent remedy for anxiety, improving serenity and

energy during the day, on one hand, and rest at night on the other. 

Moreover, it is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. It is a phenomenal remedy for constipation,

resolving even the most stubborn cases, by restoring normal physiological bowel

movement without losing precious fluids and minerals.

Auricularia has been used for over a thousand years in traditional Chinese

medicine. It has the interesting distinction of being the first mushroom to be

cultivated in ancient times. 

Experts with great skill managed to grow it as early

as the seventh century A.D., demonstrating the interest it attracted at the time -

an interest that has remained equally strong up to modern times. It was once

used mainly to treat hemorrhoids, to stop excessive uterine bleeding, moisturize

the skin and mucous membranes, combat dry eyes, and heal a dry cough.

Nowadays scientific knowledge has revealed the mechanisms of action through

which it protects the heart, supports the mind, and cures inflammation.

Its powers in four apparatuses - intestines, joints, heart, and mind - make it a

very useful mushroom for improving quality of life. Thanks to this awareness

Auricularia powder is added to flour for bread in Taiwan. The aim is to reach a

large number of people in the simplest way possible, thereby improving the

health even of those who live in remote areas of the country. 

The bread tastes pleasant is extremely healthy and without side effects.

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