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Are jelly mushrooms edible?

A number of jelly fungi can be eaten raw; poisonous jelly fungi are rare. 

However, many species have an unpalatable texture or taste. 

However, some species, Tremella fuciformis for example, are not only edible but prized for use in soup and vegetable dishes.

Do not eat any jelly fungi that have not been properly identified by a qualified professional, some are DEADLY.

At first glance, the amber jelly roll does look like something you'd want to eat, but this species is edible, like many of the jelly mushrooms.

The wood ear mushrooms are synonymous with jelly ear mushroom, an edible fungus in the genus Auricularia.

While "Jelly" is not a scientific distinguishing characteristic, it certainly is a useful one. All of the jellies here are considered edible.

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