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Are mushrooms good for building muscle?

This medicinal mushroom is shown to help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently and increase blood flow, making cordyceps a great mushroom for athletes. 

Studies show that this supplement can not only improve exercise and athletic performance but also speed up post-workout muscle recovery.

Per half-cup serving, mushrooms contain a gram of protein, 21 calories, and no fat, compared to a 1-ounce helping of meat that has 75 calories.

These mushrooms may not be magical, but they are definitely good for your body. 

Mushroom contains more than half a gram of muscle-building protein.

Mushrooms estrogen suppression properties have made it a popular anti-breast cancer food. 

Bodybuilders should consider stocking up on mushrooms.

The mushrooms are healthy and are good food for bodybuilding. 

Mushrooms contain nutrients that help to promote muscle mass.

It also contains a lot of calcium, which is considered a major source for building muscle and strengthening it properly.

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