How can a button mushroom business be started in India? | Button Mushroom Business India

Since this question is about how to start a button mushroom business in India. 

The following stages need to be followed:

1.  Get a training from reputed government organisations rather than going for a training from a local farmer because no other person will share the marketing strategies from you. On the other hand if you take your Training from Reputed govt. Institutions like Directorate of Mushroom Research -Solan Himanchal Pradesh OR Indian Institute of Horticulture Research - Banglore.

2.    Get a land either by lease or of your own.

3.    Decide from which material you need to construct your farm i.e. whether the local material or the puff panels or the cemented construction.

4. Recognise the local material either wheat straw or rice straw as a growing medium.

5.    Opt for a chemical or a non chemical process to sterilize the growing medium(straw).Decide whether you want to grow the Mushroom in the bags or in the common bed system. If you are new then you should try bag system because in case if there is a contamination it is really easy for a newbiew to stop the spreading of the contamination by simply removing the bag/s in which the contamination is.

6.    Explore your market in advance so that you really know about what is the local rate of your mushroom in the area you are residing.

7.    Extra Tip: Before jumping in to the business you I recommend you that you must bulk purchase mushroom of your intrest from a local producer and try to sell it off. This will give u a detailed insight of the Mushroom market of your area.

8.    Good luck