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Medicinal mushroom benefits for women's hormone health.


The medicinal mushroom benefits for women are profound, particularly mushrooms for hormone balance.

Mushrooms aid women’s health in their ability to up-regulate the immune system, elevate resistance to stress and help our bodies detoxify all the harmful xeno-estrogens – which act as hormone disruptors and are present in numerous cosmetics, plastics, and foods, such as additives, artificial flavors, and factory-farmed meats.

This along with their ability to restore balance to insulin resistance and decrease inflammation, which helps to lower excess estrogen within the body.


PMS is one of those terms that gets thrown around all too often to describe any and every emotional reaction that women do, regardless of what time of the month it actually is.

PMS includes symptoms of irritability, mood swings, fatigue, and anxiety. There are many medicinal mushroom benefits for women and Cordyceps, Lion's Mane extract and Reishi mushroom are awesome for PMS.


Yes, mushrooms for PCOS can be very helpful.

Mushroom good for PCOS. This is due to its beneficial activity on insulin sensitivity and has been shown in recent studies to induce ovulation and regulate menstrual cycles. 

Mushroom works to help restore normal insulin levels thus decreasing inflammation, and this can help to reduce PCOS.

Research shows Cordyceps mushroom can help to mitigate the symptoms of low estrogens, such as irritability and mood swings, through stimulating the release of estrogen.

Menopause is known for the decline of sex hormones, which sends the body into a whirlwind of symptoms, famously for its hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability.

There are medicinal mushrooms ( Like cordyceps, reishi, etc) help in the problems of menopause.

Reishi mushroom for fertility is also beneficial.

The negative impact of stress on fertility is a well-known link and occurrence within our world, so utilizing the ultimate anti-stress herb – Reishi mushroom fertility effects, prior to pre-conception and treatment can decrease the release of cortisol within the body.

Reishi is considered to be protective against breast cancer specifically, due to its triterpenes being cytotoxic to cancer cells.

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