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Biobritte agro solutions private limited is the top mushroom consultant in the world for mushroom cultivation, mushroom spawn laboratory and mushroom value-added products. Our roots in technical consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to start a new mushroom farm or mushroom spawn laboratory worldwide.

We provide different type of services for new mushroom farmers; new mushroom enterprises or we also can help you to start new mushroom enterprises worldwide at any location.

Our extensive experience in handling the technical side of mushroom farms and microbiology can help you to compete in the fungi market.

We can help you in

  • ·         Mushroom farm set up High tech farms & Low tech farms
  • ·          Mushroom spawn laboratory set up
  •            Organizing the scientific flow of the mushroom lab
  • ·         Mushroom standard operating procedures
  • ·         Training your local staff
  • ·         Mushroom pure culture supply
  • ·         Mushroom master spawn supply
  • ·         Mushroom planting spawn supply
  • ·         And advising
  • ·         Virtual consulting at affordable costs
  • ·         On-site consulting
  • ·         And much more

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