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Interested to start mushroom farm in Oman?

We have great news for you.

Biobritte agro solutions private limited India started to work on worldwide projects on different types of mushrooms. Biobritte has extensive experience on starting mushroom farm or mushroom cultivation projects at small, medium and large size.

Biobritte can help and consult in site selection, planning and execution of mushroom farm, setting up infrastructure for different type of mushrooms such as Oyster mushrooms, Button mushrooms, Ganoderma mushrooms, Shittake mushrooms and other type of mushrooms.

Biobritte serves different services which includes

  • ·      Mushroom farm set up- Site selection, Set up
  • · Mushroom spawn laboratory or mushroom seed manufacturing laboratory
  • ·      Planning laboratory work flow and Methods
  • ·      Technical staff training
  • ·      Mushroom marketing and value added products
  • ·      On site and Virtual Consulting

For more information or inquiry contact us at or phone or Whatsapp +91-9850985511 / +91-9923806933 / +91-9673510343