Mushrooms and Anticancer Therapy | Anticancer Applications of Mushrooms

Anticancer therapy can include the use of natural drugs extracted from mushrooms, especially those that have cytotoxic properties with minimal side effects. Mushrooms were used by ancient people for medical purpose.

The mushrooms which proven to be success against cancer belong to the genus Agaricus, Phellinus, Pleurotus, Antrodia, Trametes, Ganoderma, Flammulina, Suillus, Clitocybe, Cordyceps, Xerocomus, Calvatia, Fomes, Albatrellus, Inonotus, Inocybe, Funlia, Lactarius, Russula and Schizophyllum.

Recently, a number of bioactive molecules have been identified from various mushrooms.

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