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The traditional medicinal system has used foods as medicines; one such kind of traditional remedy commonly used consists of mushrooms with medicinal properties.

There are several edible mushrooms that have significant medicinal metabolites.

These mushrooms can make better prebiotics to stimulate the gut microbiota. 

There are several sources of various prebiotics, such as seaweed, but mushrooms have the advantage of their easy availability and having been studied extensively when compared to other prebiotics. 

Mushrooms contain various active polysaccharides and phenolic compounds make them biologically valuable. 

The gut microbiota comprises trillions of bacteria that contribute to nutrient acquisition and energy regulation

The microorganisms present in the gut play an important role in the health of the digestive system, and also have an influence on the immune system. 

The immune tissues in the gastrointestinal tract constitute the largest and most complex fraction of the human immune system

Researchers saw earlier that gut microbiota plays an important role in various factors such as physiology, organ development, and aging. 

Researchers have also discussed the beneficial effects of gut microbiota in various pathological conditions. 

The medicinal mushrooms can act as immunomodulatory agents to activate gut microbiota. 

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