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Mushroom Facts

•Nearly 50% of the carbon base in the wheat straw is liberated as gaseous CO2 in the course of decomposition by mushrooms.

•There is 1 mile of mycelium in 1 sq. inch of substrate.

•A single mushroom can produce 100,000,000 spores.

•Mushroom basidia shoot spores with force equal to 10,000 times more than a space shuttle taking off.

Mushroom Facts

•Chinese mushrooms have the greatest aluminum, lead and mercury concentrations, followed by mushrooms from California. Mushrooms from near Chernobyl are still radioactive.

•Average conversion is getting 1 lb of fresh mushrooms from 1 lb of the dry substrate, 100% biological efficiency.

•Mushrooms can produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight for 2 days. Dry them gills-up. The vitamin D levels in these mushrooms soared from 100 IU/100 grams to nearly 46,000 IU/100 grams Vitamin D levels in mushrooms remain high for at least a year, assuring immune-busting and cancer-fighting supplements during winter.

•in 1950 one of the first antibiotics isolated from mushrooms, pleuromutilin, was found after observing that Pleurotus ostreatus inhibited a wide range of Gram-negative bacteria, including Salmonella.

•ZEN Moment:

•“From dead plant matter to nematodes to bacteria, never underestimate the cleverness of mushrooms to find new food!”- P. Stamets

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