Edibility Of Button Mushroom | Button Mushrooms Are Edible Or Not? | Edibility Of Agaricus Bisporus

Edibility Of Button Mushroom | Button Mushrooms Are Edible Or Not? | Edibility Of Agaricus Bisporus 

Edibility Of Button Mushroom 

  • Button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus): Button mushroom is a temperate crop and the most popular variety for domestic and export market. 
  • Large scale production of this mushroom over large areas is impeded by non availability of quality raw materials particularly, wheat/paddy straw, chicken manure and sometimes gypsum resulting in poor quality of compost and poor yield. 
  • However, organized production and marketing of this mushroom has some benefits – seasonal production is possible in large scale in majority of the northern and north eastern states of the country where winter temperature remains below 20oC. 
  • Spawn production and mushroom cultivation technology production cost is low when the cheap and easily available raw materials for compost and casing is used good domestic and export markets exists as  at global level, it ranks first increasing market for processed products  Apart from the benefits derived, there is involvement of high cost of energy for year round production and lack of facilities to produce quality compost, casing material, spawn and processed products. 
  • A.  bitorquis or summer white button mushroom, a species of the genus Agaricus grows well in temperature up to 24oC and is suitable for subtropical regions.

Edibility Of Button Mushrooms
Button Mushroom

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