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What Is Cloud Ear Fungus?
The cloud ear is a species of jelly fungi with the scientific name Auricularia polytricha. It is somewhat elastic and gelatinous, as well as silky to the touch. This fungus can be between 2 and 8 inches in diameter and does not have much of a stem or any gills (the ridges on the underside of the mushroom); instead, it is thin, cup-shaped, with a ruffled edge. The color of the cloud ear takes on the color of the tree on which it grew, so it can range from dark yellowish-brown to dark brown or even black. 
Jew´s Ear - Auricularia auricula-judae - Pure culture for organic ...

This mushroom goes by several names, including black Chinese mushroom, black fungus, and tree ear fungus, to name a few. In Chinese cooking, it is also sometimes referred to as black treasure. It is sold fresh and (more often) dried, and is added to stir-fries and soups. Cloud ear fungus is a bit more expensive than shiitake (black) mushrooms.

Cloud ear fungus, a rather exotic-sounding name for a type of fungus, has been featured in Asian cooking since the sixth century. The Chinese name for cloud ear is mo-er, or "little ear," which is fitting since it vaguely resembles a human ear when fresh. Cloud ear grows in mountainous areas of India and China on the dead, rotting branches of broad-leaved trees such as the mango tree.



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