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Do button mushrooms have a lot of protein?

Mushrooms are not a very good source of protein, although they pair nicely with protein. They are a good source of B2/B3/B5 vitamins, copper, and selenium.

But let’s look at the numbers…

Per serving, 100g of cooked mushrooms gets you 3g of protein. For comparison, 100g of chicken breast gets you 30g of protein, and 100g of sirloin steak is also 30g of protein.

If we look at per-calorie contribution, it’s looking up for mushrooms. 1000 calories worth (3.5kg) gets you 114g of protein. For comparison, 1000 calories of chicken breast (600g) gets you 185g of protein, and 1000 calories of steak (650g) get you 194g of protein. They are pretty close, but good luck eating 3.5kg of mushrooms.

The other thing about 3.5kg of mushrooms is that at this point you’re getting into the toxic ranges of vitamin B3, Copper, Phosphorus, and Selenium. I would not advise eating this much in a day.

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