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What are the costliest mushrooms?

For me, the costliest mushroom will always be the morel mushroom.

Primarily, this is because I insist on hunting them. For about two months every Spring, fresh morels can be hunted in the forest or purchased for around $35 per pound at the farmer's markets in my area.

However, I insist on dragging my wife into the mountains every weekend from April through May to go mushroom hunting. 

Giving up all your Spring weekends is a high cost indeed!

The gas is also quite costly. I typically drive for at least an hour and often up to three hours to get to the woods and elevation where I hope to find morels. 

Then, my wife and I walk off-trail through rough forests for at least five miles and often as much as fifteen miles...staring at the ground. 

What are the costliest mushrooms?

Getting lost is not unknown as is losing a piece of gear along the way like your pocket knife or phone!

We always lose some blood by getting scratched up by sticks and thorns and we emerge from the woods, exhausted and all too often...empty-handed but occasionally with around $20 worth of morels.

Unfortunately, we are now easy prey for any seller of good food and cold beer that we pass along the way! Typical dinner cost after mushroom hunting runs from $25 -$75.

Although it sounds bad, I truly love mushroom hunting! Hobby's like mushroom hunting, gardening, or home brewing can theoretically save you money...but don't count on it. 

You cannot expect true love (or wild morels) to be cheap because true love demands sacrifice.

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