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Mushroom project report NABARD.

Mushrooms are marketed as fresh, dried, and preserved. 

The market for mushrooms is growing rapidly because of their nice aroma, subtle flavour, nutritious values, and special taste. 

Many exotic preparations are made from them like soup, pickles, vegetables, etc. 

It is also used for stuffing several food preparations and for garnishing. 

But its consumption is still confined to urban and semi-urban populations.

Mushroom project report NABARD


Mushrooms have a very short life after harvesting and hence they are sold in fresh form. 

Their shelf life can be enhanced by processing them. Processed mushrooms are packed in special quality polythene bags or canned. 

This variety can be sold to far-off places.

Mushroom cultivation has been declared as a major thrust area by Govt. of India. 

However, there is a huge demand-supply gap. The mushroom dish is a common item in all the big hotels.

Day by day there is a continuous increase in the demand for mushrooms which denotes that it is huge market potential in near future.

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