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Biobritte | Top mushroom company in the world 


Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited now reached 3.5+ years of successful operations.

Biobritte finally geared up to the best mushroom manufacturing facility in the year 2022.

Biobritte is very happy to share the pics of our own produce.

#Biobritte is now also making Mushroom capsules and mushroom powders with every food hygiene regulation.

Very proud to say it's grown in #kolhapur.

Cordyceps and Ganoderma mushrooms fall in the category of completely medicinal mushrooms.

#cordyceps provides the energy to the human body as it contains Cordycepin.

#ganoderma provides immunity to the body as it contains Polysaccharides.

We are looking for pharma clients, supplement clients, individual clients, and other interested people.

Product Range: Dry Mushrooms, Mushroom powder, and Mushroom Capsules (Veg).

For prices, COA, and more information.

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contact: +91-9130277943

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