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Ganoderma mushroom cultivation ppt.

Reishi is grown on the sawdust of the broad-leaved trees (mango, poplar, coconut,

Sawdust, obtained from the sawmills is amended with 20% wheat bran and is wetted to a level of 65% moisture. 

Ganoderma mushroom cultivation ppt.

Calcium sulfate (gypsum) and calcium carbonate (Chalk powder) are added to get a pH of 5.5. The mixed substrate (700 g dry wt; 2.1 kg wet) Pinheads of Reishi Cap formation and growth are filled in polypropylene bags the mouth of which is then plugged with cotton after putting a plastic ring exactly like wheat grain spawn pack of mushrooms in polybags.

The bags are then sterilized in an autoclave at 22 p.s.i. for 2 hrs. After cooling, the substrate is spawned with wheat grain or saw dust spawn @ 3% on the dry weight basis, as it is comparatively a slow-growing fungus. 

Spawn run (incubation) is done at 28-35 °C in the closed rooms (high carbon dioxide) and darkness. 

After the complete spawn run (bags white all over), which takes about 25 days, polythene top is cut at the level of the substrate totally exposing the top side and proper conditions for fruiting or pinning (temp. 28 °C, 1500 ppm CO2, 800 lux light, 95% RH) are provided.

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