MycoNutra® chaga mushroom capsules | Mushroom supplements | MycoNutra® mushroom supplements

MycoNutra® chaga mushroom capsules | Mushroom supplements | MycoNutra® mushroom supplements.

MycoNutra® chaga mushroom capsules.


Like Reishi, Chaga's wide-ranging benefits derive from its combination of polysaccharides (including beta-glucans) and triterpenes (including betulin and betulinic acid).

MycoNutra® chaga mushroom capsules.

MycoNutra® Organic Chaga is harvested from birch trees in Siberia, then extracted twice with hot-water and once with ethanol before the combined extracts are concentrated and spray-dried without the addition of maltodextrin or other carriers to achieve a finished product with a minimum of 15% beta-glucans and 4% triterpenes.

Chaga grows widely in the forests of northern Europe, Asia, and North America, forming a sterile growth or ‘conk’ with a typical burnt appearance that has led to it being known as the ‘cinder-conk’.

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