Using Mushroom For Packaging | Mushroom Packaging For Food | Packaging For Mushrooms

Using Mushroom For Packaging | Mushroom Packaging For Food | Packaging For Mushrooms

Using Mushroom For Packaging

  • Mycelium is the part of a fungus that effectively acts as its roots, reports National Post. It grows in a mass of branched fibers, attaching itself to the soil or whatever surface it is growing on.
  • The American company Ecovative is responsible for developing the alternative styrofoam. "Mushroom Packaging," as it’s called, is created by letting the mycelium grow around clean agricultural waste, such as corn stalks or husks.
  • Over a few days, the fungus fibers bind the waste together, forming a solid shape. It is then dried to prevent it from growing any further.
  • The ingenious, eco-friendly packaging is truly a revolutionary invention, and it is one Ikea is intent on utilizing.
  • Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability for Ikea in the U.K., relayed to the press that Ikea is looking to introduce the mycelium packaging because a lot of productsthat traditionally come in polystyrene cannot be recycled with ease or at all.

  • Mushroom Packaging, on the other hand, can be disposed of simply by throwing it in the garden where it will biodegrade within weeks.

  • The mushroom-based packaging was invented in 2006 and is manufactured in Troy, New York. Already, Ecovative is selling its product to large companies, including Dell – which uses the packaging to cushion large computer servers. In addition, it is working with a number of companies in Britain. 

Using Mushroom For Packaging
Using Mushroom For Packaging

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