Cordyceps Mushroom Farm Training In Pune | Mushroom Training In Pune | Mushroom Training Certificate In Pune

Cordyceps Mushroom Farm Training In  Pune | Mushroom Training In Pune | Mushroom Training Certificate In Pune

Cordyceps Mushroom Farm Training In Pune

Now learn Cordyceps Mushroom Growing with Biobritte.

Learn how to grow Cordyceps mushrooms.

Attend our one day practical workshop on mushroom cultivation.

Days: Every Sunday

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Certificates will be provided at the end of day.

Cordyceps Mushroom Training In Pune
Cordyceps Mushroom 

  • What is Mushroom? Types
  • Introduction to Oyster Mushrooms
  • How to set up low cost mushroom farm?
  • Complete cultivation procedure with demo
  • Marketing and Business options
  • Practical training and visit to our commercial mushroom farm
  • Certificates and kits (seeds,bags and handbook) will be provided

Mushroom Consultants In India.

Top Mushroom Company.

Office Address:

Contact us for registrations: 9923806933/9673510343

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Advance registration help us to plan events.




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