Agaricus subrufescens vs Cancer | A. blazei Murrill (ABM),

Although commonly known as A. blazei Murrill (ABM), after a mushroom discovered in 1945 by the mycologist William A. Murrill growing on the lawn of his friend R.W. Blaze in Florida, the mushroom used therapeutically can be traced to spores and samples sent to Japan from the Piedade region of Brazil by a farmer of Japanese descent in 1965.

A. subrufescens polysaccharide extracts show strongly in vitro and in vivo activity against a range of cancer cell lines, including lung and ovarian cancer, and in vivo studies show positive results for Ehrlich ascites cancer, Sarcoma 180, human ovarian cancer and mouse lung cancer cell lines, as well as synergistic benefits with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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