Common Problems in Mushroom farming | Bacterial and Fungal disease of Mushrooms

Common Problems In Mushroom Farming | Bacterial And Fungal Disease Of Mushrooms | The Most Common Mushroom Growing Problems

Common Problems In Mushroom Farming 

  • Button mushroom, oyster mushroom and shiitake are the most commonly cultivated basidiomycetes worldwide. 
  • With the popularization of mushroom farming, mushroom production continues to increase. Commercial strains of cultivated mushrooms produce substantial yield and exhibit attractive morphology and texture, but they are susceptible to a variety of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. 
  • The most serious diseases of cultivated mushrooms are caused by mushroom virus X, pseudomonads and Lecanicillium, Mycogone, Cladobotryum and Trichoderma fungi. Disease control is provided by the chemical fungicide prochloraz, biofungicides based on Bacillus species and natural substances of biological origin.
Common Problems In Mushroom Farming
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