Mushroom Extract VS Mushroom Powder | Difference Between Mushroom Extract And Mushroom Powder | What Is Mushroom Extract And Powder?

Mushroom Extract VS Mushroom Powder | Difference Between Mushroom Extract And Mushroom Powder | What Is Mushroom Extract And Powder? 

Mushroom Extract VS Mushroom Powder

Powder Vs Extract

  • If you’re seeking to maximize the amount of beta-glucans you are taking, without a doubt what you’ll want is an extract. 
  • As covered previously, extracts contain up to 15 times more beta-glucans than powders, and are much more easily absorbable due to no longer being bound to the rest of the mushroom. 
  • Extracts also typically contain a very high amount of novel antioxidants in comparison to powders, which help combat the negative effects of oxidative stressors (the primary cause of increased ageing in cells).

  • Another main reason you may want to pick an extract over a powder is because extracts contain less impurities, which is important if you are choosing to take mushroom supplements for a particular effect, whether adaptogenic or not. 
  • On the other hand, depending on the kind of mushroom and the manufacturer, powders can also often contain high amounts of fillers which offer no benefits. 
  • This is because the main filler (typically composed of rye barley or rice) that is used is the difficult-to-separate growth medium of the mushroom, as well as being normally too depleted to continue to grow new mushrooms - and in some cases it is impossible to harvest and powder the mushroom without including it, since the fruiting body is too small to efficiently remove independently from the mycelium, which itself is attached throughout the growth medium. 
  • High quality powders made of mushrooms with large fruiting bodies however typically contain no fillers, as it is easier to harvest only the fruiting body, and the manufacturer will simply add fresh new feedstock to the growth medium so as to keep the current mycelium alive so it’ll produce more mushrooms.

  • So you may be wondering at this point “why are fillers so bad if they contain the mycelium anyway?”. Well, the truth is it’s not necessarily abadthing in and of itself. 
  • The problems are that Mycelium frequently is counted along with the total amount of mushroom fruiting body you get from the powder, even though the two are not the same.
  • Pill / dose burden increases since you have to take many pills or a lot of powder for desired benefits.
  • The mycelium doesn’t contain most of the nutrients of the mushroom, and is less studied and understood in relation to possible health benefits compared to the fruiting bodies of the mushroom.

Mushroom Extract VS Mushroom Powder
Mushroom Extract VS Mushroom Powder


  • Overall, extracts tend to be better than powders when it comes to taking mushroom supplements for certain desired effects, as powders often contain too little of the compound readily available for your metabolism to easily absorb. 
  • This is especially true if you want to take mushroom supplements for the express purpose of getting as many fungal beta-glucans as possible. 
  • Powders are best used if you have a primarily plant based diet since they’ll add nutrients that are more difficult to get from other vegetables and fruits. You can of course get the benefits of both by taking supplements which contain both extracts and powders mixed together, which is actually something done by a wide range of manufacturers.

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