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Fresh Black Mushrooms vs. Dried

Black mushrooms are sold both fresh and dried and can be either whole, sliced, or just the caps. Fresh shiitakes are a little larger than button mushrooms and have a somewhat umbrella-shaped cap that is darker than their slender, light-colored stems. Their smell is earthy and delicate. Black mushrooms can be used in the same way as more common mushroom varieties.
Dried shiitakes have a stronger aroma and taste, as the drying process concentrates the flavor. For this reason, dried black mushrooms are preferred over fresh in Asian recipes. Dried mushrooms are more wrinkled than fresh with a harder texture, but once reconstituted, they take on a similar texture to fresh shiitakes.

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Fresh Shittake Mushrooms

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Dry Shittake Mushrooms


Shiitakes are divided into categories based on their quality. The two highest in grade are "winter mushrooms" (donko) and "flower mushrooms" (huagu) with the flower being the best. Flower mushrooms have a flowerlike pattern on the cap. Both varieties are thicker and meatier than other black mushrooms.



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