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Where to Buy Porcini Mushrooms

  • Fresh porcini are a rare treat, appearing for a short month or two in autumn and sometimes again in the late spring. They can sometimes be found sold by the ounce or small container in specialty markets and farmers' markets while in season. Dried porcini are available year-round at Italian and specialty markets or online.
  • Porcini mushrooms should be firm with unblemished white stalks and brown caps, not nicked or broken. If the undersides of the caps have a yellowish-brown tinge to them, the mushrooms are almost too ripe, and if they have black spots on them or the under caps are deep green, they're already too ripe.
  • When purchasing dried porcini, avoid any packages with lots of small crumbs. These mushrooms are likely old and lacking in flavor. Also, they should have a heady mushroom aroma.
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